How We Serve

How We Serve

Your Neighborhood Eye Doctor Does

Medical Exams

Dr. Williams treats and manages eye disease, removes superficial foreign bodies, and is well versed in medical ocular care!


In our experience, we have found that glasses should be nifty, jazzy, and just out right chic! Here at VEA, we commit to glasses that optimize your vision while making others say, “Whoa!” Dr. Williams is here to lend a hand in your experience.

Soft Contact Lenses

“My previous doctor said that I can’t wear contacts because of my ASTIGMATISM.”

“I wear my glasses most times because I can’t see things up close with my contacts.”

“My eyes always feel dry like something’s in them when I wear my contacts.”

There is almost always a way to correct these issues and others with today’s contact lenses. Let’s discover what works for you!

Hard Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeables (RGP) Lenses – “Don’t they hurt?”

Not only are they the healthiest contact lenses for your eyes, but RGPs offer the best vision of all contacts in many cases. Dr. Williams has found fitting these lenses frankly to be fun! To answer the question, however, RGPs feel great over time when fit properly!

Scleral Lenses – “Kerato- what? Can you write that down?”

Keratoconus is one eye condition, of many, that is not always corrected by glasses or RGPs. If that is the case for you, there are still options that don’t necessarily involve surgery. Call and ask Dr. Williams about these lenses. Just excuse him for how excited he gets when fitting them!

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